About Us

About Us

The Enzoani brand emerged in 2006, and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely handcrafted gowns. From its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most sought-after brands across multiple continents due to its dedication to innovative style, exceptional quality, and above all, a fit and finish like no other.


Meet our Designer

A London College of Fashion graduate, Kang Chun “KC” Lin is the creative mastermind behind  the design and development of the brand name Enzoani. Additionally , he has since pioneered the innovative creations for the Blue by Enzoani and Beautiful Bridal collections. Through his vision, the label has gained attention for its use of luxurious fabrics, exquisite beadwork, and unmatched construction techniques.

  • How can I tell the difference between a real Enzoani gown and a fake Enzoani gown?
    • The best way to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic Enzoani gown is to order your dress from an authorized Enzoani retailer. A full list of authorized locations is on our website

  • Where can I find out the price of a gown?
    • Please visit an authorized retailer for pricing information.

  • What kind of alterations can be made to a gown?
    • The available alterations for a gown depend on the style, fabric and embellishments. To discuss all your alteration options please visit an authorized retailer near you.

  • Can I get my dress custom designed by your designers?
    • Yes, we do custom designs for Enzoani Collection, which means you can change almost anything on any of our Enzoani gowns. Please contact an authorized retailer and they will be able to help you determine how you can customize your Enzoani gown. Additional fees apply.

  • How do I find my nearest authorized retailer?
    • Please visit locations to find a retailer nearest you. You can search by radius (in miles) with your address, city and state or postal code.

  • Do you sell matching jackets?
    • Yes. You can view our matching jackets under Accessories. Matching jackets are named by the style of the dress.

  • Do you have matching veils? If so, which veils go with which dress?
    • All of our veils are made with similar laces to those used on our gowns. Please visit our website under “Accessories” to view our current collection of veils. 

  • Can belts and accessories be bought separately?
    • Yes, belts and accessories can be bought separately at any authorized Enzoani retailer.

  • Can I buy extra fabric?
    • Yes, extra fabric can be ordered for a fee. Please order from an authorized retailer nearest you.

  • What is the difference between white, diamond white?
    • Diamond White is a very light ivory. It has a soft light touch of color that makes it very flattering on all skin tones. White is a true, pure white color that would give you that traditional white wedding look. Our authorized retailers will be able to show you the difference between Diamond White and White with their fabric swatches. 

  • How do I know what size to order? Do the dresses run small?
    • Please visit or contact one of our authorized retailers regarding a size chart. They will be able to give you sizing information for your specific region.

  • What sizes do you offer?
    • Depending on the dress style, fabric and cut we can offer sizes 0-28 (US), 4-30 (UK). Please contact an authorized retailer to see your size options for a specified dress.

  • Is it okay to dry clean an Enzoani Dress?
    • Yes, it’s okay to dry clean an Enzoani dress. Cleaning instructions are on the wash tag. Please consult a professional dry clean specializing in wedding dress service for additional cleaning instructions

  • How do you store an Enzoani gown?
    • After your wedding day, it is important to have your wedding dress preserved if you plan on keeping your wedding dress for many years. Search for a gown preservation company. They will handle all the cleaning of your gown and ensure a proper preservation. The retail store you purchased your gown will often refer a local preservation specialist.

  • Will a gown turn yellow after several years?
    • Yes, over time air will oxidize fabric and certain types of beading causing the gown to turn yellow. Proper preservation will keep your gown from turning yellow and keep it in good condition for many years.

  • Do you sell Enzoani Dresses online?
    • Enzoani does not sell or authorize the sale of Enzoani bridal products online. If you see a website listing Enzoani bridal gowns for sale it is likely a counterfeit. Please notify us directly of any websites that are selling our gowns so that we may take action to remove our products from the unauthorized website.

  • Can I buy directly from Enzoani?
    • All orders and purchases must be made through one of our authorized retailers. Please visit Locations to find a retailer nearest you.

  • How long will it take to receive my dress?
    • Due to the specialized design and manufacturing process involved in producing our gowns standard delivery can be 16-20 weeks. Some styles are available for immediate delivery based on warehouse stock. Please visit an authorized retailer to inquire about stock availability.

  • Is it possible to order a brochure from Enzoani?
    • Our entire collection is available to the public on our website under “Collections”. Brochures and catalogs are often available through authorized retail locations.

  • How can I obtain more information about becoming Enzoani authorized retail location?
    • Start by filling out our ‘Become an Authorized Retailer’ form available on our website. A sales representative will contact you shortly after.