#Enzoani Real Bride: Cynthia + William

28 Feb 2019
Classic and Elegant

Not many brides or grooms can say that they wrote and sang a song to their partner on their wedding day. Cynthia and William tie the knot in a sweet yet whimsical ceremony in Stillwater, Minnesota. Read more about their journey together below.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue byEnzoani

My husband, Will, and I met when we were just teenagers, but in those days we probably only said ten words to each other. We had one class together and had a mutual friend (who was a best man at our wedding) who would have gatherings where we’d see each other. Other than that, the only thing I really knew about Will was that we were both musicians. 

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue byEnzoani

Fast forward about 8 years later, we saw each other for the first time in a long time at this mutual friend’s birthday bonfire. We had actually both just moved back home to Minnesota–him from L.A., and I from South Korea. I guess we were both more interesting this time, because we talked non-stop that night, and everyone else noticed too!

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

Our first date was at the Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis–a swanky little restaurant in the city. He was, and still is, the kindest person I have ever met in my life, and is also extremely good at surprising me. I was floored with how he proposed actually–he had planned a date for us to see La La Land at the Lagoon theater in uptown.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

As the lights dimmed, a trailer started and I heard a familiar voice...and then I saw my name pop up on the screen! Will had created a trailer, with a slide of words on the screen, leading to him down on one knee with the ring. There are few moments where I’ve never been so present in my life. 

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My husband is my best friend, my life advisor, my business confidante, and actually my bandmate too. We started writing music together a few months ago as the duo HushTalk. We’re both full-time freelancers and business owners (he’s a music composer for commercial & TV, I’m a lifestyle blogger & photographer for advertising/social media/web).

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

We definitely keep a busy schedule, but when we’re not working, we spend our time hiking, travelling, watching Game of Thrones, and obsessing over dogs. There’s no one I trust more in my life with anything, and although I LOVED our wedding day and wish I could relive it, our days after tying the knot have been even so much more special. I love living both the big and little moments together.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

The engagement period can be a lot of things–fun, exciting, and stressful at times. However, I encourage brides to take a step back and acknowledge what the engagement period has traditionally been about–creating a strong basis for your marriage. It’s really easy to just get caught up in the planning, details, and drama that’s going on instead.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

Take some time to really do the emotional work and preparation for this monumental life transition, both on your own and with your fiance. Weddings are so beautiful–I could talk weddings all day because I love them so much, but this is really an important time to reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going to be. It’s one of the biggest (and best) decisions you’ll ever make in your life!

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

There are so many amazing memories from that day, but I would say my absolute favorite was when we professed our vows to each other. There are few moments that are that raw in life, especially ones that happen in front of all the people you love the most (the guests).

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

We were both so present in that moment and vulnerable, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been a part of. Apart from that, there were a couple surprises we had for each other during the ceremony that were pretty special, too. I played and sang a song for Will that I had written in high school to my future husband.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

Will had composed a song to walk down to that I had never heard prior to that very moment. I never expected I’d cry while walking down the aisle. But hearing his song, combined with the emotions, the rawness of what was happening, and walking towards a man who had so profoundly affected my life for the better...everything all piled up on me. It was another beautiful moment where I just felt everything.

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

My biggest piece of advice as far as wedding planning is to stay true to what you and your spouse want. Be picky with who you let in on the planning, because people love weddings, and love to provide their opinions! If you’re a people-pleaser, too many opinions will most likely stress you out. In the end, just realize that the people who truly love you just want you to have the wedding of YOUR dreams. Don’t be scared to be a little selfish, because the day is really about you and your fiance. There’s no other day quite like it! Having said that, try not to get too caught up in the details. On your big day, you’ll be focused on a lot more than the centerpieces, or the dessert table.

Also, regarding budgeting, I suggest making a priorities list. Splurge on what you consider the most important things, and save as much where you can. I definitely am happy we saved in a lot of areas (especially now that it’s post-wedding!), but I do not regret spending a dime on the things we really wanted. Also, if you get easily stressed out, consider working with at least a day-of wedding planner to manage the schedule. Our day-of planner was worth every penny. Hiring her allowed me to literally not worry about a thing, except for saying “I do!” and dancing the night away!
Finally, try to cultivate a go-with-the-flow mentality on your big day. If you embrace what the day is truly about, nothing can really go wrong. Happy planning!

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani

Finding my wedding dress was quite a journey. I originally wanted an A-line or ball gown style dress and had envisioned that my entire life, but just never fell in love with any of those styles on me once I tried them on. It’s so true when brides say they end up with a dress totally opposite of what they envisioned–at least it was for me! 

I fell in love with my gown the moment I tried it on. I had tried over twenty dresses by that point at least and had never felt totally in love with a dress until I tried on my Enzoani gown. I loved the latte color, the delicate lace detail, and the beautiful train. It was the perfect balance of everything I wanted in a dress!

Featured above: KATERINA | 2018 Blue by Enzoani


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