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The Sun, Moon, and Stars: SAGITTARIUS

20 Nov 2018
The Archer

Inhale and exhale. Dearest Sagittarius, it's been a crazy few weeks for you. There seems to always be something popping up to add to your checklist, but you're just about done with your needed to-dos! November 26th looks bright as it's the luckiest day of 2019, keep your head up high that day! While Mercury may be in retrograde, the storm shall pass. Hold tight until early December, and it's smooth sailing from there! For our Sagittarius brides, we know why you came, and we're giving you the lowdown!

You've been known to be the honest one of your friends and at times a bit outspoken. You've been known to give tough love to your friends when it comes to advice and often the voice of reason. You'll speak for your shy friend, and for sure are the wingwoman of the group! Your wedding will be sure to have crazy stories and be filled with laughter. Illuminate the setting with warm copper tones with hints of rose gold.

Your venue will reflect your spirit of adventure and wanderlust, and there is an element that is open about your ceremony and reception. Of course, that is not surprising as Sagittariuses are known to be the most well-traveled sign among the stars. Consider an outdoor wedding. This can be a destination wedding, beach wedding, or rustic indoor/outdoor barn wedding.

Lighting will be key in your wedding, as it will be adorned by pieces that will help illuminate your venue. Whether with string lights or lanterns, it'll feel intimate among guests. Be ready for speeches as your guests will be sure to give you toasts of a lifetime. 

Featured Above: NEVE | Enzoani

We foresee Sagittarius brides embracing gowns with mermaid silhouettes as this sign has a little bit of a fashion blogger in them. As one of the hottest trends in bridal right now, it is no doubt a mermaid gown like NEVE would catch the eye of a Saggitarius. Make a dramatic entrance with this gown's signature Enzoani statement train that adds the right amount of drama.

Featured Above: LENA | Blue by Enzoani

We have seen many brides walk down the aisle with the JURI and MCKINLEY gown this year. These gowns have become Enzoani classics and staples in bridal shops for their class and elegance. LENA and her sister gowns share the same lace bodice with a sweet stretch georgette skirt. Compared to JURI and MCKINLEY, LENA features side illusion panels that are sure to contour all the right curves of the Saggitarius bride. 

Featured Above: LESLEY | Blue by Enzoani

We said this sign would be trendy, and what better gown to feature than the ever-so-popular LESLEY gown. Its lace detail and mermaid silhouette speaks volumes for any bride looking for a light gown to wear to the beach but still wow guests. 

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