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Erika's Bridal Couture | Enzoani

Erika’s Bridal Couture

Erika Meyer started Erika’s Bridal in 1973.  Meyer’s passion for bridal began at Volle’s Bridal in Lake Zurich.  Her German heritage was evident in her flair.  The shop was originally located in downtown Neenah, and Erika prided herself in having the top selection of gowns and the best customer service in the Fox Valley.  Erika’s Bridal gained recognition when featured on Good Morning America with Joan London under the original ownership.  In 2001, the shop changed ownership and was relocated to Cecil Street in Neenah.  In March 2013, the shop was purchased by Katie McCarty, and in November 2014, was relocated to its current location on Bell Street in Neenah.  Today, the shop has a curated selection of dresses, and continues to service brides from all over the United States.

Neenah will always be a special place for Erika’s Bridal Couture, as this is where it all started!

Store Info

130 E. Bell St. Suite B
Neenah, WI
USA - 54956
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