#EnzoaniRealBride: Barbara & Balázs

20 Oct 2014
An Elegant Summer Castle Wedding in Hungary

On the 9th of August 2014, Barbara & Balázs married in the great hall of the castle at Villány Jammertal Winery and Event Center in Hungary. Barbara knew from the very beginning that she wanted a tea-length dress, and after some research, she came across the perfect choice in Elkedra from the  Blue by Enzoani 2012 collection. 

''I spent an awfully long time looking at dresses on the internet; there are so few of them that aren’t full length. As a dancer, I know very well what suits my body shape and Elkedra was my style: timeless, simple, unusual with the box pleats and exquisite material, and it had the right amount of crystals. I called every major bridal shop in Hungary and only one of them had it. It was the first and only dress I tried on, and since it was exactly my size, no alterations needed, I immediately bought it! Even now I still can’t believe my luck. I know that my case is extreme and for most brides, browsing on the internet isn’t effective, but if you know what looks good on you then I say do it, it saves you a lot of effort and you can try on only the ones you really like.'' 

''Balázs and I met at a salsa class six years ago. At that time I was dancing in a performer group and he joined as ‘the new guy’, very talented, handsome, and funny. It was not love at first sight, but soon we were inseparable. First we had different dance partners but it turned out that we worked best together. Maybe because we like to spend a lot of time together practicing and we both have great patience and motivation for improving our skills. Our mutual interests, not just dancing and similar thinking, make us a good couple, so much that the year after becoming a couple, we founded our own Cuban salsa school and we have worked together very effectively since then. We got to know each other the best way there is: first we became friends, love came next, very fast. There was no pretending, no trying-too-hard, just common goals and cooperation from the very beginning. We felt totally at ease with each other. We are very lucky because we can spend all of our free time together. Every day I am happy because I have him in my life. Yes, that sounds strange after six years of living together but it is true.''

''Balázs proposed in 2011 in Cuba, where else…  We went there to study so it didn’t happen on a sandy beach at sunset, only while sitting in a pair of very comfortable rocking chairs on a patio, drinking really good mojitos. I had no idea about his plans, so it worked, I was totally surprised. After that I was postponing the wedding preparations because I couldn’t make up my mind about the scale of the event. After three years, finally I decided to have a classy wedding, with all the best vendors, location, and dress. I actually organized the wedding based on the dress, since it was the first thing I chose and it needed worthy surroundings.''

''I can’t name a favorite wedding day memory, it really was smooth and stress-free, I felt that it was over in only a minute. What I think about a lot is how many good friends we still have. I had the most kind and beautiful bridesmaids, some very old friends and some newer- together they made a good team. The DJ was our friend, so he knew perfectly what songs to play, we didn’t even have to talk about do’s and don’ts beforehand. There were only the most important family members, the rest were friends, mostly dancers so the party was huge. Really huge. Everyone had fun, including the photographer and the caterers. Another favorite feature: We asked popular guitarist and singer Márk Járai to perform at the ceremony and during dinner. He really set the mood with his unique voice and choice of songs. I highly recommend live music during the wedding ceremony, it makes a huge difference. It’s not only romantic but somehow more personal.''

Accessories - Edera Jewelry  Bridal Mirage

Music - Mark Jarai & DJ. Csedi

Photographers - Hubay-Németh Natália  Juhász Balázs 

Catering: Teleky Catering 

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